Reasons Why Gambling Should Be Illegal

Should a mega money-churning industry that produces such revenue be banned by the government? Why should we allow those big casinos, lottery centres...

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Reasons Why Gambling Should Be Illegal

Should a mega money-churning industry that produces such revenue be banned by the government? Why should we allow those big casinos, lottery centres and other betting sites like to continue?

Gambling is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Gambling churns in a large chunk of money quite alright.

Even governments engage in legal gambling monitored by government representatives. But should we allow it to continue just because we get the cool cash?

Should the emotional and psychological effects of playing the game not worry us? How about the ground for fraud and crime that it breeds?

I’ve related with gambling friends and even engaged in a couple of gambling options during my high school days.

I’ve come to realize that the cons outweigh the pros. My reasons for hoisting the ‘No To Gambling’ flag, I’ll let you know right here:

Gambling aids societal malfunction

Gambling exits in various forms: lotteries, casinos, other forms of betting.

Gambling converges the lump of people who are desperate to get more for less. Hatching crime plans and promoting crimes are more likely to occur here.

Asides from immediate crime hatchings, gambling will also cost the state more in providing welfare for the destitute in a later future.

This is because compulsive gamblers will eventually find their careers, health, homes and bank accounts in the mud. And will soon have to rely on the government for social welfare packages.

Gamblers who have made a habit of the trade are always in debt which strains their relationships with families, friends and associates.

Divorce, child abuse, substance abuse and even suicidal attempts are proven natural consequences of gambling, over the years.

Gambling is usually the cause of criminal activities.

Gambling exploits the poor.

Gambling is addictive. One constantly has to battle with the thin line between gambling to meet one’s need and simply throwing in the lots out of greed for more.

Gambling lures you on. You tend to see a light just by the next turn. But very many times, the light never appears at the end of the tunnel.

The win/lose circle never ends. That’s just the way the game runs. You are tempted to pay more to recover when you lose. Even when you win, you still want to play to get some more.

You really do not have control over your mind and emotions. If you keep engaging in the gambling game. This culture will soon seep into other areas of your life where such huge risks are irrecoverable from.

The whole process runs on your psychic. You shouldn’t allow a system manipulate you so.

The risk taken at gambling is just too high for the business and rational mind.

Isn’t the best way to cub these vices, passing a law that makes it illegal?

Some good intentions exist for gambling quite alright. People gamble for recreation, to pass away time, to prove one’s predictive prowess, for fun and so on.

But gambling’s addictive effect has made it the base for a lot more social, emotional and economic damages.

I know a friend who couldn’t get betting off his mind for days. He took his pregnant wife’s hospital loan and went for the bet. His intentions are good.

If he won the bet, there would be such fortune as to set their newborn and new home in a cozy comfort for life.

But the odds went outside his favour, there was no way the hospital bills would be paid. Unless he begins to source for loans from friends.

Even if the deal went in his favour, he’d come back to play for more. Nobody has ever got enough money, that he needs not work for more, is there?

Gamblers have even been seen giving up their jobs and relationships. Such decisions they never recovered from.

Compulsive gamblers are much more affected by this.

I know another gambler who ran into huge debts to the tone of thousands of dollars. She also had good intentions. She wanted to pay back.

But she had incurred such recurrent debt that no one was willing to loan her any more money. She eventually became homeless, jobless and helpless.

We can avoid all these vices by simply illegalizing gambling.

Gambling is as addictive as being on drugs. The after effect of the highs are always helpless frustrating lows. Wouldn’t it be better not to have to peddle in at all?

Money fixed for gambling could have been used for other productive ventures, an idea that could have made a business running today. For to see more ingenuity from people, shouldn’tgamblingrather be certified illegal?

People generally want to live right and live within societal laws. If gambling is banned, the government will already have helped people make the decision that gambling’s addiction has incapacitated people from making.

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