Why Us

RusolaBucknor is an avid writer, columnist and speaker. She is a social worker, a family psychologist and a visiting lecturer in a couple of universities in Nigeria.

She runs an NGO for the welfare of the homeless and destitute in the society. She has sponsored hundreds of motherless children through standard education. Her passions are in health, commerce, music and law. She takes pride in telling her story to anyone with a flicker of interest to hear. Her story was as stormy as that of the kinds of people she sources funds for to change their stories now.

Being fatherless and motherless at a tender age, she did anything to get money to feed herself and her siblings. And being determined to be educated too, her demands were high. She gambled, sold stuffs, took all kinds of jobs she found and knocked on doors for help. It was on one of these begging for almsday that she found the angel who took her in and became her guardian and her sibling’s ever since.

She then vowed and committed herself to even going out to reach for those kids and youths who have similar background as she’s had and help them through their needs.

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